Everything You Need to Know About Cloffices

We talked about how you can use puck lighting or decorative fixtures for your office space. If you’re not keen on rewiring the inside of the closet, puck lights would be a good option. Are you planning to use the existing shelves inside the closet? Would it be better if you take these out and add new shelves to the small area? Perhaps, you want to add hooks for lighting or hanging some decorations.

What is a Cloffice

Pursuit of Home’s Allie has a cloffice that’s full of eclectic flair. We love that there’s even space for a love seat, and we can totally imagine having friends come over to try on and model different pieces! That convert closet to office said, there’s still plenty of space to work, and the room even features an oversized calendar where Allie likes to plan out her monthly goals. These things gave them optimal productivity while working from home.

Tell Your Builder Not To Bother: Wire vs Melamine Closets

This is because looking at this consistently unorganized space can make your room feel less comforting. You will need task lighting to be able to work efficiently, but having pretty lighting makes a cloffice feel more like an office and less like an old closet.

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Walk-in closet with vanity table used as cloffice desk

Hence the term “cloffice.” A cloffice is a dedicated work area located inside a converted closet. It’s a kind of in-home cubicle where you can leave household distractions at the door and concentrate on business. Conversely, you can forget your work when you close the cloffice door at the end of the day. Any home, from the smallest condo to the largest mansion, can have a cloffice. Cloffice ideas are one of the hottest trends in the current real estate market. Boost storage by mounting a set of floating shelves above the desk area, and add stackable bins or boxes for office supplies and files. Store items you use daily at eye level and stash extra supplies up top.

She has been blogging at CharlestonCrafted.com alongside her husband since 2012, where they empower their readers to craft their home into their dream home through the power of DIY. Enjoy in-depth interviews with creators and makers about their workspaces. It would also help you feel positive towards your cloffice in the long run as it’s where you express yourself. If you have an alcove, another kind of a nook, or are just keen on saving space, consider using a wall-mounted folding or drop-leaf table desk — for example, Bjursta from IKEA. If you have a couple of drawer units under your desktop, you want those items to have furniture risers under them. Keep photos of your kids, family members, pets or whoever you want on the desktop, real or virtual.

Benefits of a Cloffice

You will still need to prep the area where your cloffice will be located. You may also want to consider revamping the rest of the closet space to include cabinet doors over certain sections to eliminate clutter. New closet organizers that will maximize storage in the areas left for your clothes is another option to consider. Combining your living and working spaces is quick and easy with a Closets by Liberty system. Offering multiple sizes and infinite customization, our systems make a beautiful and functional addition to your cloffice design. When there isn’t a space in your home for an office taking over an extra closet and turning it into a cloffice is a great solution. You can make a desk using a piece of plywood and use furniture legs to make it look like a real piece of furniture.

  • There’s no need for working from home to be–quite literally–a pain in the butt.
  • A cloffice,” says a communications expert Lahari Rao on her Instagram page @lalalahariA chair and a desktop.
  • Because remote work is here to stay, combining spaces to make them more versatile is more important than ever.

In this San Francisco house tour, an exposed rack and designated shoes shelves give this unassuming space a fashion-forward flair. Jacquelyn Clark designed a stunning cloffice for her clients that is rooted in white and clear pieces and features tons of storage. If you don’t wish to keep tons of shoes out on display, small boxes like the ones pictured on the top shelf are an excellent alternative. Who says you have to pick between dedicating space to a functional home office or having an extra-large, Pinterest-worthy closet?

Why I Ditched a WFH Desk for the…Floor

You can choose from tile, sheet vinyl, or the ever-popular vinyl plank flooring so you don’t have to deal with grout lines or worry about spills because it’s waterproof. Such a great way to have all you need as a blogger in one space. A pro can help you configure shelving to maximize cloffice storage space. Cloffice doors are often a lifestyle decision, depending on your need for privacy—or to keep workspace and living arrangements separate.

Does IKEA furniture have to be fixed to the wall?

Not all IKEA's furniture needs to be attached to the walls, only items in danger of tipping over: open and closed storage units, tall items, and sets of drawers. They function without being anchored, but this is a highly recommended safety precaution.

Cloffice storage ideas are incomplete without considering the sides of the closet. Add some shelves or cabinets to those areas to create https://remotemode.net/ further room inside a small workspace. Remote work has become the new normal for many, and home offices are now in high demand.


Don’t want to spend too much on decor accents for your cloffice space? Take a cue from blogger Yaro Zuarich, who gave his cloffice a personal touch with baskets-turned-pendants.

  • The best part about putting a desk in your cloffice, is you can customize it to the size you need.
  • Infusing your personal style into the room is a great way to start.
  • One very important element you want to add to your cloffice it lighting.
  • And you don’t need a spacious walk-in closet to make it work.
  • After a basic cloffice setup is done, it’s time to take a look at 21 practical ways you can enhance your workspace and make it personal.

Many who choose this option have two closets in their bedroom, opting to share a larger closet in order to use the other as a home office. But if your single closet is large enough, you can consider installing a desk. A closet desk is basically the same as a closet vanity. It may seem weird at first, but many people find that they like working inside their closet. The clothes deaden noises from the rest of the house, making it easier to concentrate.

Think Beyond the Traditional Desk

Sandra Morgan elevated her cloffice with an artsy chandelier to provide ample illumination when she dresses and works. Because her space has hardwood flooring, she put down a white shag to bring a contemporary vibe. Whether you build your own DIY desk , transform something vintage or buy something new – you’ll need a desk in your cloffice. Consider adding a command center, whiteboard, kraft paper roller, chalkboard, desk calendar, or cork memo board to keep track of your schedule and important reminders. Maybe one day I’ll put up some wallpaper or change the paint. Let me tell you that working in the cloffice has been a game-changer for me. I find I am more productive and I love love love visiting my office throughout the day.

Considering today’s on-site/off-site working and schooling environments, a cloffice is truly invaluable. So, let’s talk about what a “cloffice” is, its benefits, and why you might need one. I am a wife, mother, daughter, blogger, teacher, friend – a woman of many different hats. My delights are my husband, my five kids, reading, shopping, and spending time with friends and family.